Family Recipes

15 min. Cucumber Pickles

Laurie Marshall

This recipe was in an accordion file that belonged to my grandmother Bernelle Whillock. She kept a large garden to feed her family, and canned and froze vegetables all summer long. I spent many hours picking strawberries and snapping peas with her as a child. One year, I even mothered a clutch of blue skink eggs I found in the potato box.

This recipe came from a friend of grandma’s, as did many of the cards in her file. I especially enjoy recognizing my mother’s handwriting on some of the cards. Mom wasn’t as adventurous a cook as I am (neither was grandma), but like me, they collected recipes with the intention of trying something new, and as a compliment to the cook it came from. I think those sentiments speak to the generosity of my Ozark people.