A Collection of Ozark Stories

  • Pura Coco
    By Bulldog TV From Springdale A documentary about local singer Pura Coco. This documentary produced by Jose Martinez, Alexa Calderon, Marlenne Debora, and Jacky Hernandez.
  • Rikeke Eo — The Sewer
    By Emmie Anthony From Springdale Emmie Anthony produced this video about her mom and the traditional Marshallese dresses she makes.
  • inside the coop in the rain
    By Count Floof From Rudy This is a recording of a chicken in the coop during dusk in the rain at the edge of the […]
  • Remembering The Past
    By Dennis Brown From Springdale Dennis Brown of Springdale recounts moving to NWA, starting a business, hunting, fishing, and memories of the land before Beaver […]
  • A Pile of Rocks
    By Jeffro Brown From Springdale One of the side effects of Ozark hill farming.
  • Lost and found
    By Haley ZegaFrom Fayetteville, AR Former missing child Haley Zega recounts her time lost in the Ozark wilderness and the power of community.
  • Seeing Bald Eagles
    By Jennifer Keith From Springdale, Arkansas My name is Jennifer Keith and I’ve lived in Springdale, Arkansas for 20 years. When I think of the […]
  • The First Marshallese Food Truck in Arkansas
    By Judy Tatios From Springdale, Arkansas My name is Judy Tatios, I was born and raised in California. My parents came from the Marshall Islands […]
  • “Poured A Little Turpentine On It”
    By Bodi Shinn From Fayetteville, Arkansas I’ve been in the Ozarks for 15 years. I grew up in Southern Oklahoma. My mother was from this […]
  • La Llorona at Tilly Willy Bridge
    By Samuel Lopez From Springdale, Arkansas I’ve lived in Springdale for 13 years. My family comes from Mexico, to be specific, from the state of […]
  • The Bleeding Cupboard
    By Amos Cochran From Fayetteville, Arkansas My friend lived in this very, very old house on top of Markham Mountain in Fayetteville, Arkansas near where […]
  • Playing in the Caverns
    By Leslie Walker From Bella Vista, Arkansas My family has been in the Ozarks since I was a little girl. They moved from Kansas, they’re […]
  • It is indeed magic.
    By Jamie Nix From Bella Vista, Arkansas This is a video of my nana cleansing my mom and her friend with sweet grass. It is […]