Ozark Story Project

A creative storytelling project focused on exploring the intersection of immigrant and traditional Ozark folklore through poetry, recipes, photos & recorded stories.

Anyone that has a relationship to the Ozarks is invited to participate. Regardless of where you were born, where you live today, or how long you’ve lived here.

Your story matters.

The Ozark Story Project book is here!

The Ozark Story Project book is a 200-page, limited edition, numbered book series with only 180 books available. Featuring over 50 recipes, dozens of poems, and nearly 100 stories and photographs from across the Ozarks.

Available now at Two Friends Books in Bentonville, Arkansas


If there’s any evidence that the Ozarks hold any magic at all, the proof is in the kitchen. From well-worn recipes to fusion experiments, the Ozarks house some of the most delightful southern cuisine and international flare – sometimes in the same meal.