Recorded Stories

The Bleeding Cupboard

By Amos Cochran
From Fayetteville, Arkansas

My friend lived in this very, very old house on top of Markham Mountain in Fayetteville, Arkansas near where I grew up. Old houses tend to come with old things. One of the things in the house was this cupboard that was painted all white. When you tried to clean the cupboard, this thick red stuff would drip off of it. So we always referred to it as the cupboard that would bleed.

The more time we spent in this house the more really strange things we found. The cupboard was the strangest thing that happened in that house until we found out about the ghost that lived in the house. The bathroom has mirrors on two sides, so it creates a mirror within a mirror. I did not see this, but I was told that if you looked seven or eight mirrors back at a certain time of the day you would see the ghost standing in one part of the mirror. I assume this is the same ghost that built the bleeding cabinet.