Family Recipes

Sunny’s Bunch of Brie

Jamie Nix
Bella Vista

Sunny's Bunch of Brie

Ingredients: block of brie cheese, handful of cranberries, choice of jam (peach), two spoonfuls of honey, baguettes or crackers

1) Heat up your honey, jam, berries in a small pan until hot and mixed well.
2) Pour over brie
3) Place Brie with syrup mix on a pan in the oven for 5-10 minutes until brie is baked inside.


Growing up, my mom was a vegan. Even so, she would also incorporate meats and cheeses into the kid’s meals. One dish in particular, “Bunch of Brie.” She would serve this platter for dinner along with a salad or another small meal like lasagna, rice and curry, or mushroom burgers.

I finally introduced this dish to my husband last night and he fell in love with it (and me all over again, HA.) I did adjust her recipe by adding honey versus apple cidar vinegar because I cannot find it here in Rabat. The recipe remains the same though.