Family Recipes

Grandma’s Chpc Gravy

Marsha Hunt

There are various ways to make this comforting gravy.
This is mine:
1 stick of butter – MUST be butter – melt this in a pot
Add 4tbs flour and 4tbs coco (your favorite)
Mix together then Add 3/4 c sugar and 2 cups milk – I use 2% my grandmother and cousins use evaporated milk and GASP some even use half water half milk.
Cook until thick – if to thick add a splash more milk. Now some in my family add a tsp vanilla but I never do.
Serve over biscuits with bacon and yes even more butter.
Adjust to your families liking-

This was a morning staple at my both of my grandparents houses. Up in the Ozark mountains this was breakfast !
A breakfast with home smoked ham & bacon, homemade biscuits, both white and Choc gravy and eggs. After breakfast a midmorning snack was biscuits on the coffee saucer then coffee poured on top – called soakies.
What was left was served later in the day for a snack or even lunch with ham sandwiches from left over biscuits. Now I do not make that big of a breakfast and Choc gravy is a treat every now and then — but it sure is good!