Family Recipes

Grandma’s Breakfast Scramble

Jen Johnson

My grandmother did not write down her recipes, so this one was created off my memory of eating it as a child.
3 eggs per person (so, 2 people = 6 eggs)
sausage (can substitute for other protein)
boiled potatoes
cooking oil
onions (optional)
salt / pepper (optional)
To cook – add oil and sausage to skillet and cook. Add chopped boiled potatoes (I like using small red potatoes, sliced) and, if wanted, onions. Cook until you get a nice crisp / slightly burned edge on some sausage and potatoes. Add eggs and salt / pepper. Cook until eggs are done, scrambling contents around. Once cooked, serve.
Optional additions – onions, seasoning, cheese.

It’s hard to describe this dish as it’s not just a memory but a smell and experience. Cooking it reminds me of my grandmother, standing in her kitchen with one of my grandpa’s button up shirts on and her short pixie hair cut. It smells like something she made and it tastes like she made it and it reminds me of how much she loved cooking and how much she loved me. It’s a way that I can still be connect to my grandmother.