Family Recipes

French Silk Pie

Delaney Willard
Cassville, Missouri

For decades, my mother hosted those she loved impeccably well. She even won local recipe contests in my home state up North until they asked her to stop entering and give someone else a chance. One of her signature desserts was French Silk Pie.

Sadly, she was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s a handful of years ago and in confidence, her prize winning recipes began tasting a little…off…to those who knew her cooking best. In September of 2020, she called and asked me for the recipe of her famous French Silk Pie, a recipe deeply ingrained in her mind and heart until the present, sadly.

I graciously gave it to her, extremely thankful for this recipe book she wrote by hand for me when I graduated and moved out on my own back in 2001. I suppose the torch – or beater – has been passed on to me and it’s now my turn to make her Famous French Silk Pie for her.