Family Recipes

Banoffee Pie

Sandra Perrodin

Banoffee Pie
Take one UNOPENED can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (don’t use a can with the easy open tab-it may explode open-doesn’t have to be Eagle Brand brand), place in a deep pan/stock pot. Cover 1-2 inches over top of can with water. Boil for 3 hrs. Check every 30-45 minutes to add hot water as necessary to keep the can covered with water. Let cool before trying to open. Stir well to make smooth consistency.

Slice bananas in a graham cracker crust. Add pecan pieces. Pour caramelized sweetened condensed milk over bananas. Add cool whip to top and voile’ you have a scrumptious pie!

Keep in refrigerator.

I remember the first time I tried this-I was so scared the can would explode! This pie has the old-time feel to it! So creamy and yummy. It reminds you of something your little ole granny would make!