Record Your Story

The best storytellers in our lives were brave and unafraid to captivate an audience with memories of the past.
Sharing stories is a beautiful act of generosity and attention that preserves your family history.

We ask that you take a moment to keep this Ozark tradition alive by recording yourself or a loved one telling a story of resilience, victory, heartache, immigration, miracles, or tragedy. Perhaps you know an old folk story that’s been told so many times that it’s changed over the years. Or you’ve heard about or witnessed someone being healed through plant medicines found throughout the Ozarks. Maybe you have an interesting neighbor or coworker that always seems to have a good story or prophecy to share. It could be much simpler than this, and you want to share your tradition of taking an evening walk, or you’re a closet poet that wants to finally share a written piece with the world.

There are no right or wrong stories to share. No story is too complicated, tragic, or simple. The Ozark Story Project honors your story and recognizes that all of us make the Ozarks a fascinating and mysterious place to live regardless of your race, gender, age, or socio-economic status. All stories are welcome here.

Add Your Video
Record yourself, a loved one, or a neighbor reciting a story of resilience, humor, healing, miracles, traditions, or folklore in 3 minutes or less.