Photo Stories

– Doris Brown

Doris Brown

Springdale, Ar.

This photo is of my children’s great grandmother, standing beside her 7’ tall okra.
Her parents migrated to Springdale from Germany in the early 1900’s, making my children a 5th. generation to the area.
I, with my 2/yo son, moved to Springdale in ‘75 after marrying her grandson. Grandma S. immediately accepted both of us, treating us with the same love she gave for the entire family.
Grandma grew up during the great depression, learning how to stretch a dollar and her cooking vessel in ways I had never seen. One of the dearest things to her heart was her gardens, both vegetable and flower.
It was through her that I learned the value of our soil. Teaching me how to plant, care for, harvest, can, make jellies and to beautify my yard and home all with fruits, vegetables and flowers she had grown.
I know she would be thrilled to know that I have passed this appreciation and tradition on to my daughter who in turn is teaching to her daughters.
This picture brings back a flood of memories from my time spent with her. She taught me so much about love, life, church and family that I will be forever grateful for.
To me the Ozarks is about family, time spent with them making precious memories along the way.