Recorded Stories

Pura Coco

By Bulldog TV
From Springdale

A documentary about local singer Pura Coco.
This documentary produced by Jose Martinez, Alexa Calderon, Marlenne Debora, and Jacky Hernandez.

Recorded Stories

Rikeke Eo — The Sewer

By Emmie Anthony
From Springdale

Emmie Anthony produced this video about her mom and the traditional Marshallese dresses she makes.

inside the coop in the rain

By Count Floof
From Rudy

This is a recording of a chicken in the coop during dusk in the rain at the edge of the Ozarks.

Remembering The Past

By Dennis Brown
From Springdale

Dennis Brown of Springdale recounts moving to NWA, starting a business, hunting, fishing, and memories of the land before Beaver Lake.

A Pile of Rocks

By Jeffro Brown
From Springdale

One of the side effects of Ozark hill farming.

Lost and found

By Haley Zega
From Fayetteville, AR

Former missing child Haley Zega recounts her time lost in the Ozark wilderness and the power of community.