Family Recipes

Ozark Jalapeno Candy

Dorothy Cardiel
Springdale, AR

3 -4 pound of fresh jalapeƱos (green and red), stems removed, sliced 1/4 inch rounds. don't remove seeds
2 cups of cider vinegar
4 cups of white sugar
1 teas. tumeric
3/4 teas. celery seed
3 teas. garlic powder
Combine vinegar, sugar and spices and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Add pepper slices, bring to boil again for 4 minutes. Drain syrup into another pot and continue to boil 6 minutes. Meanwhile pack hot peppers into hot, sterile canning jars. Then ladle hot syrup over peppers in jars. Tap jar several times to release air bubbles. Seal with two-piece lids and process in water bath canner 15 minutes for pint jars. Yields: approximately 3 to 4 pints Serve on top of "anything" – or cracker with cream cheese!

We love home gardening and using and preserving our results. Nothing like the memory and sound of our family saying, WOW, we want more!