Family Recipes

Golden Delight Pancakes

Brooke LeMasters
Fayetteville, AR

My grandparents made these regularly. They would come out crepe-like and perfect with jam or syrup. They’d usually double the recipe to feed the whole gaggle of us and we learned early on that they usually had everything on hand for these Cottage Cheese pancakes. One day early in the pandemic, I facetimed with my brothers and we all realized we had each made these pancakes that morning in 3 different states. I think we all make them when we feel like we want to hold our family close, even though we are scattered across the US. To us, they taste like our grandparent’s farmhouse in Neosho, MO. And I imagine my daughter might make these one day and think of the way I slip the first ones into her palms while they’re still warm before we even make it to the table, and maybe they’ll make her feel more connected to us all.