Family Recipes


Springdale, Arkansas

2 lbs of peanuts
1 tall dulce de panela

(1 dulce de panela for 2 pounds of peanuts

1.) Toast the peanuts
(Make sure to keep turning them)
(Nice and roasted not too black)
2.) Once fully toasted, peel the peanuts
3.) Next, put the dulce and 2 cups of water on the stove to melt and boil
(You know it’ll be ready once you can take some out and put it in water and in will turn into soft caramel)
4.) While that is getting ready, crush up peanuts
5.) Then once dulce is ready, put the peanuts in the dulce and stir
6.) Once mixed, start making balls as soon as possible
(Use water so your hands won’t burn)
(The faster you work, the prettier they turn out)

My grandma taught me how to make these the first time I was able to visit her alone in El Salvador. It was the one thing I would eat as a little girl and making food was her way of showing love. She taught me step by step and then I brought it back here to Arkansas. I remember how sweet the air smelled and the big smile on her face as she taught me something I would never forget.